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Shiba Inu and RSTLSS Collaborate to Include Shibarium in UGC Platform

The thriving billion-dollar crypto project Shiba Inu recently secured a high-profile strategic partnership with a RSTLSS, a leading creator platform.

In particular, the Shiba Inu ecosystem entered a collaborative endeavor with the prominent user-generated content (UGC) creator platform, RSTLSS.

This development was captured in an official press release on Wednesday, Oct. 25. Per the notification, the alliance will see RSTLSS integrate the Shiba Inu blockchain, Shibarium, into its UGC outlet.

Specifically, the announcement stated that RSTLSS “will begin incorporating the Shibarium blockchain to power its UGC platform.”

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Furthermore, the report highlighted that RSTLSS already enjoys compatibility with a wide array of metaverse projects. Yet, it underscored that the SHIB collaboration will empower RSTLSS to harness the complete potential of Shibarium network infrastructure. 

Moreover, the collaboration is poised to usher in a new era of offerings, including creating clothing inspired by metaverse designs.

Shiba Lead Developer Reacts


Shytoshi Kusama, the leading figure in the Shiba Inu development ecosystem, reacted to the SHIB-RSTLSS alliance. He expressed profound excitement that Shiba Inu secured an ideal collaborator to pursue more worthwhile endeavors. 

Specifically, the Shiba Inu team leader remarked: “We couldn’t imagine a more perfect partner for SHIB and the Shibarium blockchain.”

Furthermore, Kusama underscored the role of RSTLSS in the Web3 wearables market, impacting social and real-life applications. Kusama elaborates:

“RSTLSS’ UGC tooling allows any creator, whether 2D or 3D, casual or professional, to easily build a brand and trade their own digital merchandise – wearables, accessories, and more that can be loaded onto avatars, as well as cross-platform and cross-game engine.”

Emphatically, the platform empowers users to design NFT-supported apparel, enabling them to customize their avatars within the metaverse realms. 

RSTLSS Founder Reacts


Charli Cohen, the founder of RSTLSS, confirmed that the partnership with Shiba Inu represents an integral component of their broader digital network. According to him, it perfectly encapsulates the essence of decentralization and Web3 for the RSTLSS team.

Moreover, Cohen stressed that the Web3 ecosystem thrives on collaborative efforts. In his words:

“Across Web3, we need to avoid operating in silos as we have much more power to make change as a collective.  I am very excited to see how that community and the Shibarium blockchain will help RSTLSS grow in the months and years to come.”

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